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Harp Services (HK) Limited is the premier harp organization in Hong Kong run by a cooperation of professional harpists and harp enthusiasts. We will meet all your harp needs, from harp lessons, performance, purchase, hire, music books, accessories to maintenance and repair. Our friendly, quality, cost and speedy full service response ensures your peace of mind. 

We are fully trained, highly experienced and dedicated to a single cause; the harp. As Henriette Renie asked all her students before their first lesson, "Do you really LOVE the harp?". We answer YES, and we help those who answer YES.


We are conveniently located in Wanchai, Hong Kong, where you can take private or group harp lessons at any level (including very young children or adult), purchase strings, music books and CDs, or share in harp ensemble with your friends. Come reach your full potential on the harp with us. 

Our aim is full service

We treat all players with the same respect and appreciation, regardless of level. Our philosophy is that even the best professional players of today approached the harp for their first lessons with no knowledge and only under a comfortable and nurturing environment can each learner reach their full potential.

How long you study and what you gain from learning is also a personal quest. Some want to play a favourite hymn, a well-known song, while others wish to achieve a distinction grade 8 or a concerto opportunity with a major orchestra. We offer advice and assistance no matter what your goal may be and have helped others achieve success. A knowledgeable harpist is always available to help with a kind word, advice or encouragements for opportunities leading to greater success.

We also provide advice on study overseas for short term or long-term university programs and can facilitate introductions to teachers overseas.


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