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Range: 47 strings, 0 Oct. G - 7th Oct. C

Extreme Height: 190 cm, 74 1/2"

Extreme Width: 100 cm, 39 1/2"

Weight: 42 kg, 92 1/2 lbs

Extreme Soundboard Width: 55 cm, 21 1/2"

Soundboard: Fiemme Valley red spruce

Finishes: gold 23 kt, sapele pomele

The Apollonia is a resounding concert grand pedal harp. Its soundboard is an evolution of the Apollo's soundboard. It is distinguished by its majestic appearance beginning with a warm sparkling Pommele veneer hand painted with a high gloss finish. The artistry of the 23 + karat gold leaf is quite dramatic from the heart- shaped molding adorning the top of the column to the elegant design that seems to flow and teardrop down the bottom of the column and scalloped base. The Apollonia is truly a magnificent instrument as well as a stunning work of art.



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