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Victoria Gold
47 strings, 0 Oct. G - 7th Oct. C

Extreme Height: 184 cm, 72 1/2"

Extreme Width: 100 cm, 39 1/2"

Weight: 40 kg, 88 1/2 lbs

Extreme Soundboard Width: 56 cm, 21 1/2"

Soundboard: Fiemme Valley red spruce

Finishes: Red, yellow and white gold leaf; Green stained curly maple; Yellow gold leaf; Tamo wood

Gold, Canadian Hard Maple and skillful manufacturing make Victoria Gold an authentic work of art. Dedicated to its inspirer, Victor Salvi, every cell in this instrument represents a celebration of the very concept of the harp. With a great Rococo crown, the delicate floral decorations and motifs evoke nature in the classic style, Victoria is a single piece of unique beauty and gushing sound, also available in the Natural version.



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