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Style 2000 Concert Grand
47 strings
0 octave G to 7th octave C

73 1/2" (187 cm)

Soundboard Width
21 5/8" (55 cm)

Extreme Width
38 3/4" (98 cm)

79 lbs (36 Kg)

For performance harpists who want the flexibility of both an acoustic and an amplified harp, there is Lyon & Healy's Style 2000 Electroacoustic harp. Research and development for Lyon & Healy's Electroacoustic harp began in the early 1980s in response to performance harpists' demands for amplified sound equal in clarity and quality of sound to their acoustic harps. The Electroacoustic harp produces this sound through the use of transducers on each of the harp's strings. The transducers, mixdown module and preamp, specially designed for Lyon & Healy, are constructed to transform the acoustical sound of the string into an electrical signal. The result of this technology is an amplified harp which emits a reproduction of an acoustic sound in its natural state - the classic Lyon & Healy sound. In craftsmanship and visual appeal, the Electroacoustic harp is very similar to the traditional concert harp, and it uses the same strings and pedal mechanism.

Like the acoustic harps, the Style 2000 features a resonant solid Sitka Spruce soundboard, giving it a similar feel and sound thus making the transition from acoustic to amplified a natural one. The gold-plated transducers are attached to the Electroacoustic harp with a Rosewood center strip. Because of this design, the harpist can perform either acoustically or fully amplified without a substantial compromise in the acoustic quality of sound. The Style 2000 is available in assorted standard finishes; it comes with a tuning key, cover and a 5-year limited warranty.



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