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Petite 40 Straight
40 strings
1st octave E to 6th octave A

Height: 65 3/8" (166 cm)

Soundboard Width
15" (38 cm)

Extreme Width
35" (89 cm)

62 lbs (28 Kg)

Introducing the Chicago Petite 40, designed by Lyon & Healy. In the spirit of the modern skyline of its namesake, the Chicago Petite 40 has a neoclassical style and design. Built with a Sitka Spruce soundboard and Hard Maple body, the Chicago Petite 40 has a clear and dependable sound. The soundboard is decorated with a beautiful climbing vine and the mechanism features solid brass action plates. An ease to play with an unmatched value, the Chicago Petite 40 is the perfect partner for the harpist in the pursuit of expressive musicianship. The Chicago Petite 40 is available in natural, mahogany and ebony finishes and comes with a cover, tuning key and a 3-year limited warranty.



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