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Harp Services is the trusted name in harp maintenance and repair in Hong Kong.
Did you realize that your harp strings should be changed regularly?
A floppy pedal can return to good health with a new spring!
Nylons hardly break but should be changed once per year….

Many details of proper and regular maintenance can maintain the value of your harp and keep it in correct working order. We offer advice on all makes of harps, lever or pedal.
We have an in-house harp technician to deal with your maintenance needs and we offer home visits to asses your harp concerns. Feel free to send a photo to us for a free assessment of repair for any structural or cosmetic damage including gilding work. We offer advice when you are having problems and sometime a simple adjustment can make all the difference to the performing standard of your harp. We also offer regulation services at timed intervals throughout the year which include:

• Inspection of the base
• Pedal maintenance
• Pedal spring maintenance
• Greasing and oiling appropriately
• Checking pedal rods and connections
• Adjusting rod length to minimize over-movement and under-movement of the disks
• Changing pedal and slot felts
• Adjustment of string/disc positioning
• Noise control
• Calibrate the intonation of intervals
• Overall inspection of body, frame, neck, column, and action mechanism

Regulation work should be done approximately one time per year.
Please contact us for pricing.
You can learn more about harp regulation by reading the following article on Mr. Peter Wiley:


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