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Queen of Harps - Catrin Finch's performance with the Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra on SEP 30th

Our harp student chosen to honor Ms. Finch with flowers on the important day! Veronica Kwok, Grade 4 student of Ms. Abbott

Mini Master's Program- November 22nd and 23rd, Saturday
and Sunday

A chance to experience your very own master class with a French national as our
special guest artist along with a harp performance graduate from the Manhattan
School of Music. Taking place on November 22nd and 23rd in the afternoon in
Stanley refreshments are served. Contact us for the chance to experience your
own master class. Every participant receives a special certificate to certify
their experience in Master Class. Contact us on our "harpist on call" answer
line 9307 6513 for more details.

The Ensemble Experience & Merry Christmas Party and Performance

Announcing our Annual Christmas Concert! To be held on December 21st and featuring
all of our students in harp ensemble performances. Join us in preparing for the event by
attending our 10 class course taking place at various times all day long on
Sundays between now and the concert date. Participants as young and 4 will
perform as well as all of our teachers and teaching friends featuring music for
4 pedal harps from The Nutcracker as well as favorite Holiday Tunes. Sponsored
by Hong Kong Harp Services Ltd. and please contact us for participation in our
Harp Ensemble classes! We are now in registration for both performers and the
viewing audience for this valuable learning experience.

Photos from 2007 Christmas Annual Concert

Join us for viewing our Special Order Custom Harps!

Hong Kong Harp Services is trusted by those in the know to arrange the special
harps of those designing their own instruments. Meet these special, collectable,
non catalogue harps as they arrive for our final testing and assessment.
Expected the early days of November a one of a kind custom Arion!
Join us for viewing this special harp which is already sold to a very lucky harp


The Prelude 40
Lyon and Healy has launched the Prelude 40 harp! This harp has the most strings
of any non pedal harp and will allow you to advance to grade 8 non pedal with
ease. Hong Kong Harp Services Ltd has a Prelude 40 for your viewing and testing
and orders are being taken now for the fabulous instrument. Call us for waiting
time for the production of this in demand instrument. Why in demand? Its
introductory price is below value and will be raised for all orders placed from
December 31st, 2008 onwards. Currently this harp is back ordered; there is a
waiting list over four months. For those urgently needing this type of harp,
consider the Salvi Ana in the same price range in stock now or a Daphne 40
string pedal harp in the higher price range.

Salvi Arion- Now in 47 strings!!

'new salvi model 2008' The Salvi Arion harp has moved from a marvelous 44
string instrument to an incredible 47 string harp and it is now offered in two
styles. The first is the elegant Standard finishing with showcases the lines of
this beautiful instrument. This harp is available in Natural, Mahongay, Walnut
or Ebony finish. An additional offer at a slightly higher price is the Arion
Gilded. This harp has beautiful hand gilded gold applied to the base and column
to complement the stunning lines of the stunning instrument. It is not recommend
for Natural finish due to the lack of contrast but Mahogany, Walnut and Ebony
finish are stunning. The sound quality from the Arion is a beautiful warm
projected tone and a bright upper treble range. Our instrument specialist has
tested over 7 models and found them all to be of superior tone and quality. We
recommend this instrument be ordered soon as its debut price of USD$15,950 for
Standard and USD$16,500 for gilded is the below value at this incredible
introductory price. Call us for availability and finishes. Price quotes can be
changed at any time once introductory pricing has been concluded.


Can you see the white powdery material? (Its mold, don't
let this happen to your harp! ask us how!?)

Regulations 2008

Hong Kong Harp Services Ltd is your regulation and maintenance specialist. We
will invite an overseas regulator to Hong Kong before the end of the year and we
are in talk to provide Home Visits thus avoiding the costly and risky removal of
your harp to a regulation station. Please contact us for pricing and
registration of your name to our regulation list.

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For new visitors and customers to Hong Kong Harp Services Ltd. Showroom in Wanchai
we offer a free 'Harp Sketches' sticker page featuring 6 lovely harp sketches.
Collect yours free today when you visit. One to a new customer and while supplies last!


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