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Pre-owned harps

Thank you for your interest in a quality pre-owned harp. Often these instruments, when they become available, are spoken for very quickly. In order to ensure the most updated list of what will become available in the second hand market, please contact our Instrument Specialist.

If you request a special type of harp please register your interest with our Instrument Specialist and we will contact you when your preferred harp becomes available.

Our second hand instruments are generally recently re-strung, regulated and inspected before we arrange them for viewing. All our second hand instruments are of excellent brands and we carefully record service records, ages of instruments and conditions of storage before we accept a harp for resale.

If you have a harp you wish to upgrade please contact us for our complementary valuations by our Instrument Specialist.

Why would someone sell their harp?

Often a pre-owned harp is traded in to Harp Services as an owner progresses in learning and wishes the harp they play reflect the advancement. Perhaps a gilded harp is the goal as an owner may wish to have a prestigious instrument for future performances.


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