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Harp rentals can be arranged several ways :

Hourly Rental

We offer practice in our studio on pedal or lever harps.

Current rates for hourly practice in our studio: Lever Harps - HK$150, Pedal Harps - HK$250

Rental of Harps for ABRSM and Trinity examinations

A venue is available by appointment for harp examinations. We strive to schedule a separate warm-up room before the exam to ensure you are ready to play your best when the examination begins. Please contact us for more information.

Short Term Rental

We also arrange pedal or lever instruments for your use in school, community orchestra or talent sharing presentations and other public events. This service includes all transportation, set up, tuning and removal of the instrument. Pricing depends on the model available so please contact us for a quote for your event date and pedal or non-pedal harp needs. Our satisfied customers include students from Bradbury School, St. Stevens Girls School and Diocesan Girls School, Chinese International School, and Victoria Shanghai Academy.

Long Term Rental

For those who wish to practice on a harp without the commitment to buy and maintain one, we offer harp rentals for use at home.

Current rates for short or long-term rental

22 string harp: $600/month

34-38 string harp: $1350-1500/month

47 string harp: $3000/month

Rental During Harp Purchase (short or long term)

In order to assist you during some purchases which may require waiting times of several months, we arrange Salvi or Lyon & Healy brand pedal harps at a reasonable rental price while you wait on your order to be custom made. We are the only organization in Hong Kong to provide this special service for those who purchase instruments through Harp Services. Please contact us regarding which harps are available.


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